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I’m taking all the blame

Hello Adrian.

How have you been? hope things been doing great for you and your new partner. I’m posting this because I can’t stand the shadow that you’ve created that has been standing my ways of evolving into a person i wish i could be.

Yes we’ve made mistakes, stupid ones and funny ones, good ones and amazing ones. Truth is, please just stop haunting me. My grandma keeps bothering thinking that I’m the problem, the real nuisance of our past, everybody sees you as an angel, what they don’t know is the devil side of you. Now same goes to me, your family might think the same about me too. Since you are now someone’s best thing ever happened to her, i wish her all the best for loving you as you are. We are all human beings.

I wish my family would stop bother me when it comes to love, love has always been a failure in my life, i guess when guys think that my father is “Big fat ATM”, they take advantage of me, and myself as “a very stupid girl of only believing my prince is here to proclaim his place” selfishly neglect my duty as a sister as a family member. I’m sorry.

How many time should i be sorry? I don’t know. I don’t think it matters much if you’re keen to make a change in life.¬†

Anyway Adrian, i’m happy for the man you are now, healthy and colourful. And to Waiwai, don’t worry babe, you are always his heart thumper.

To my family, please just let us move on, it was our mistake we can never change, maybe we ¬†wished we never knew each other, maybe we should never involve you guys at the first place…. Maybe if you are family, you’ll first think of how emotional i’ve been through right now

To people that knows me, please stop judging my family. We’re as simple as any family would be. We’re as chaotic as any family can be. We’re just human.

okay, am i adopted?
can’t wait to meet my girl
boyz ii men, personalities in white coats
please, don’t judge me like this
this is architecture
i like it too
This is how i feel now
Someday I’ll be just like Rocky
my bubble love
color is freedom
hey there cutie
so are you a gamer?
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